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Category: Take Away My Reproach

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Philippines in Crisis

There are now over seven million "Born Again" Christians in the Philippines. It has been one of the most fertile fields for evangelism in the history of mankind. Today, they are facing a crisis of epic proportions. There are nearly two million more women who are Born Again Christians in the Philippines than men!

The Born Again Christian ministers of the Philippines continue to commit a grave sin by denying these women husbands. As all Christians know, we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, however, these "ministers," claiming annointing from God, are denying these women husbands by forbidding them to become second or third wives to Born Again Christian men who are willing to marry them.

These pastors continue to fall into the trap that the government controls marriage. The Bible defines marriage and any pastor who refuses to teach this is bowing to Rome.

The number of Born Again Christian women in the Philippines is only going to increase in numbers as well as in the percent of believers. The primary reason that their numbers will grow is that Single Born Again Christian Women primarily evangelize other single women. To evangelize men would be to participate in what has been referred to as "flirty fishing."

Since single Born Again Christian women primarily evangelize other single women, the numbers of single women who cannot find a husband in Philippine Born Again churches will continue to increase as new women converts take their places in the churches with no end in sight. (We are praising GOD that there are new converts! We are simply not happy with what the pastors are telling them, that there are no husbands for them which is a lie.) It is conceivable that within 5 years that the number of Born Again Christian ladies in the Philippines who exceed the number of Born Again Christian men will reach 5 million!

We'll be considering outreach programs and solutions for these women in upcoming articles on this site but our first plea is to Philippine pastors. Stop treating your single women like dirt. They are not just a statistic. With current trends there will be more unmarried Born Again Christian women in your churches than all other members put together, if that isn't already the case. Do you have the courage to deal with this in accordance with the Bible or will you continue the hardness of your hearts? Are you going to give these women no alternative but to marry outside the church? If you do this then you are just as guilty of their fornication as they are and you may multiply that guilt times the number of them that have taken that as their only alternative. If you are a Born Again Christian Pastor in the Philippines and would like to discuss this issue confidentially with me. Please contact me by clicking the link below:

Click HERE to Contact Pastor Don Milton

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on Feb 27, 2006 - 06:14 PM  

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