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Press: Dr. Sherman J. Silber Wins Coolest Guy Award

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on May 19, 2006 - 03:21 AM

Dr. Sherman J. Silber Wins Coolest Guy Award

It's been over seven years since I met Dr. Silber but he was certainly the coolest guy I'd ever met.

In 1998 my wife and I flew to St. Louis, nervous but hopeful. I was visiting Dr. Silber for a delicate operation and I knew he was the best. In fact, he's operated on presidents and kings, princes and chief executive officers and now it was my turn. The operation wasn't cheap and since I was paying for it myself, I knew I had no choice but to see the best and get it done right the first time.

Dr. Silber met us personally to discuss the operation, do some tests, and get to know us. He opened with a story to break the ice relating why he became a doctor.

"You know the Jewish mother's position on abortion?" He asked. My wife and I smiled, waiting for the punch line. "The Jewish mother's position on abortion is that the fetus does not become a person until it has graduated from medical school."

We laughed then and have gotten our share of laughs from repeating his joke but it wasn't his joke, funny as it was, that impressed my wife and I the most. It was his dedication to helping the world follow the Lord's commandment to be fruitful and multiply that impressed us.

Over twenty years before I met Dr. Silber I met another kind of doctor; a doctor who was fooled by the world, just as I was, into believing that the world was overpopulated. He performed a vasectomy on me and I left his office, a man without a purpose. Well, I had a purpose but it surely wasn't the Lord's purpose. Years later I realized the error of my ways and repented.

Now I was visiting the great Dr. Silber who would perform his magic. Dr. Silber's micro-surgical techniques are world renown and I was certain that he would be able to reverse my vasectomy.

After Dr. Silber discussed the operation with my wife and I he put in his video which showed the operation in great detail and left the room. IMAGINE THAT! Well, I was determined to have my vasectomy reversed so even though he would be cutting me in ways that few of you will ever experience, I trusted him, and of course my wife and I had put our trust in the Lord as well.

The next morning I was rolled into the operating room. Dr. Silber looked into my eyes as he asked if I was ready for the operation. I felt as if he was looking into my soul. Maybe he was counting my future children or even wives. The anesthesiologist was introduced and after he explained how he would introduce the medication that would knock me out he began his work. The next thing I knew I was waking up in my recovery bed. I felt like I had to pee more than I'd ever felt in my life. Within the first minute of my waking up the nurse explained that this feeling of having to pee could continue for hours or even longer. To tell the truth, I don't even know if I woke up the same day as the operation, talk about being so drugged you can't see straight. You can imagine, operating on that delicate area, they had to give me some of the strongest medication on earth. When Dr. Silber was informed that I was awake, he came in and told me that he was certain I was fertile because my sperm count was so high.

He was right, just three months later my wife was pregnant with our firstborn, Josiah and three years later our second born, Solomon was on the way. We've had at least two miscarriages after Solomon's birth but that is due to my wife's age but Lord willing, we'll have many more children and certainly, I will.

Dr. Sherman J. Silber is definitely the coolest guy I had ever met prior to the birth of my sons.

If you've had a vasectomy and realized that it was a mistake, you can find out more about Dr. Silber here:


Since I first wrote this article my wife and I have had another child, a baby daughter, Michaiah, so now we are blessed with three wonderful children thanks to the Lord who saw fit to bless Doctor Silber with the skilled hands of an excellent surgeon.

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