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Since it was a Baptist Church in Eldorado, Texas that assisted the Texas CPS in stealing over four hundred (400) children from their parents I thought it would be appropriate to provide you with the latest news about Baptist activity in that area of the nation.

Our Spurious Reporter* in Eldorado Texas overheard this conversation between the local Baptist Preacher and one of the members of his church.

So what's the problem with your daughter?

Well, she doesn't do anything I tell her. She wears her great-grandmother's clothing and claims virginity is something to save for her future husband.

How could she possibly think such a thing?

Well, she's been reading the Bible a lot lately.

How in the world did she get a Bible? Don't tell me. She got hold of both the New and the Old Testaments?

That's right, she got that Jew Bible, the Old Testament, but certainly not from our church. You only hand out New Testaments and your own books and writings. You never supply a new believer with an entire Bible. When a young person responds to the alter call you do your best to make them a member and get them into activities with the youth group. That's where my daughter belongs, with a bunch of young boys who've got more testosterone than they can handle. We can't trust the Bible to steer her right. We've got to get her in with some good Christian boys.

That's true, but I still don't understand. What's gotten into your daughter to cause her to read the Bible and to save her virginity as a gift for her future husband.

I don't know Preacher. I just can't put a handle on it. We've brought her up right. We even took her to the doctor so she could get on the pill but she refuses to take it. And then you remember how she had an allergy to Ritalin? The doctor says she can't be put on any mind controlling drugs and we haven't been able to stop her religious urges and it's getting worse. She's going off to Bible meetings every night.

Ah, sounds like she's in some kind of cult.

Yeah, cult. That's it. They rent the local Methodist church when it's not in use.

Oh, you've got to be kidding! A cult is meeting at the Methodist church? What do they call themselves?

Let's see now, oh yes, Bible believing Christians, that's it. They're Bible believing Christians. They've even got a website.

Well, here's the plan. You just call up Texas Child Protective Services and tell them that you truly believe that your daughter became a woman on the day she had her first menstrual cycle. They'll come over and pick her up and put her with a good family, one that believes in fornication, adultery, and homosexuality. Oh, don't worry about your safety. They won't touch you. It's the children they want.

Note: Note:Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are God's word. If you or your church teach that the Old Testament is of less value than the New Testament then it is very likely that you are a Jew hater and that you consider the people of the Old Testament to be less human than those born after the New Testament was written. Repent!

spurious: pretended

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Pastor Don Milton is an Evangelical Christian

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