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Theology Questions: "Gay" Marriage

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on Jan 26, 2005 - 05:58 AM
Food For Thought

Gay Marriage or Same Sex Marriage is not marriage at all. It is easiest to explain this by explaining the basis for marriage. Marriage began with the removal of a rib from Adam. God formed Eve from that rib and ever since that day, man has naturally been drawn to his rib, to his Eve and that rib, that Eve, has been drawn back to her man, her Adam. Regardless of what attraction a person may feel toward another person, it is impossible for it to be that same attraction between the sexes that began with the removal of Adam's rib if that attraction is not for a member of the opposite sex. Men who are drawn to the false god of homosexuality must renounce this form of idolatry and turn to the Lord in repentance.

Many groups exist for the purpose of assisting you in leaving the homosexual lifestyle. Some are more effective than others but there is no choice when it comes to sexuality. God demands that men do not lie with men as men lie with women. Men who violate this law invite their own destruction. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for such perversions.

If you're a homosexual and would like treatment for this serious spiritual and psychological condition please visit the following website:


No Christian wants to see anyone suffer. Homosexuality is a mental and spiritual disorder. If you have it, get help.

Some would like us to "put aside" the true story of "Adam and Eve." They make comments such as, "If God is strict with such things to the degree that he would send me to hell for loving someone who a pastor told me not to love then so be it, I'd rather live there in eternal hell fire in pain than relinquish who I know in my heart I love."

What these deceived individuals show is that they don't care what God says in the first place. No pastor has told them not to love. The Bible has not told them not to love. God has not told them not to love. The fact is that all those sources are commanding us all to love. However, drawing someone into a sexual relationship with yourself outside of marriage is Not Loving. It is hateful. It is selfish. It causes that other person to be an object for pleasure o­nly, not a part of your life. "Gay marriage" is simply not marriage because there can never be a completion of the spiritual "circuit" that exists in male/female sex and which is called consummation. It is the opposite or different energies of a man and a woman that make it possible for the circuit to be completed. Without that completion the marriage that began with an offer and an acceptance remains what it is, a ceremony, nothing more; not a marriage at all.

All relationships outside of marriage diminish the wonderful example in marriage that we have of what God's relationship with us can be. If those around us are in relationships that have no heavenly correlation, and no completion, no finality, those relationships are useless in pointing out how our relationship to the Lord is like marriage. They make our relationship with the Lord less understandable and more confusing.

Note: If you're a homosexual and realize that you need treatment for this serious mental and spiritual disorder please visit the following site for more information:http://www.narth.com/docs/repair.html

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Once you know polygamy is not a sin you can't unknow it.

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