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Bible.org, a website linked to from StoneBriar.org, Chuck Swindoll's church in Texas, has an interesting article o­n polygamy in which there is no condemnation for the practicing polygamist. (Chuck Swindoll is also the chancellor for the Dallas Theological Seminary. Even though he would not agree with Bible.org's position, his website is linked to Bible.org)

I have often written about how most ministers do not advocate the divorcing of additional wives in polygamous marriages. The fact that Bible.org has placed this article o­n their website for all to view is evidence of this. They must not realize that the polygamists are among them. For those of you living near Frisco, Texas, I recommend fellowshipping at Stonebriar Community Church where you must hold them to the teachings o­n their sister site; bible.org. Pastor Chuck Swindoll may speak against polygamy but the very missions he is associated don't have nearly the harsh words that he has for it. Bible.org's worst words against polygamy are that polygamy is not the "better way" but that "polygamy is not directly forbidden, except for leaders." My ministry here at ChristianMarriage.com holds that at most, the Bible precludes already practicing polygamists from church leadership but that those who have already accepted such positions are free to marry as many wives as they can support, in accordance with scripture.

Polygamy is legal in most states in that if your wife obtains a civil divorce from you prior to your taking an additional wife then you are guilty of nothing if you marry another wife but according to the Bible, without a Bill of Divorcement from you, the civil divorce she obtained is not valid.

Although I take issue with nearly every position that Bible.org takes o­n the page linked below I am providing the link because in the last paragraph it redeems itself for the writer says:

"Divorce is abhorrent to God, and allowed o­nly in the most restricted circumstances. Thus, those who have come to faith as polygamists should remain married, and be accepted (with wives and children) into the church."


What is of note is that he says, "those who have come to faith as polygamists" so we must imply that he wishes to break up the families of those who have become polygamists after having come to the faith. This makes null his argument that those who "come to the faith" with wives already should remain married and be accepted and the others not since he bases that argument o­n his anti-divorce stance.

I will place a link here shortly where I give a rebuttal verse for verse to bible.org's article. I've actually rebutted all the verses but throughout this website, not o­n just o­ne page dedicated to rebutting bible.org's page.

I'm sorry that I cannot name the writer at bible.org but he doesn't name himself.

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