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Press: Polygamy is Legal in 43 States!

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on Feb 18, 2005 - 02:20 AM

Polygamy is Legal in 43 states when practiced through serial civil divorce*. The states in which it is not legal are the states that have anti-cohabitation laws and they are:

Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia. If you practice polygamy through serial civil divorce* you could still be prosecuted for cohabitation if you reside in any of those states.

Even if you have married without a marriage license, virtually all states consider you exactly the same as if you married with a license. If you have such a marriage and marry again without the benefit of a civil divorce you can be charged with bigamy and your first wife can sue you in civil divorce proceedings. Now she knows! Repeat, even without a license for your marriage your wife can successfully seek a divorce settlement from you. Many of you reading this are really just fornicators because you're unwilling to clearly state to your "wives" that you're taking them in marriage.

Note: Polygamy through "serial civil divorce" is the practice wherein the polygamist has each of his wives civilly divorce him prior to marrying an additional wife. Since the polygamist does not recognize any divorce that is not accompanied by a Biblical Bill of Divorcement given freely by the husband and since a wife has no biblical right to divorce her husband, the polygamist remains married to all of them according to the Bible. The state and the federal government consider him single, not his church. The fact that the government o­nly recognizes o­ne wife has the unintended result that the tax burden o­n polygamists is reduced, sort of like the marriage penalty in reverse. For if the wives are working they are all taxed as single parent heads of household which is a much lower tax rate than would be available to them if all their incomes were considered part of one family unit.

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