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Member's Lounge: President Bush's 2nd Wife?

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on Mar 08, 2005 - 08:59 PM
Member's Lounge
Will the next President of the United States be the Wife of a Former President?

And will her name be Condoleezza Rice?

At a recent dinner party with journalists in attendance, Condoleezza Rice, the now current secretary of state said,

"As I was telling my husb..." and then corrected it to, "As I was telling President Bush..."

When contacted for comment the white house simply replied "no comment."

Is America seeing its first Born Again Christian  Polygamist President in the Whitehouse?

We may never find out but Condoleezza Rice spends nearly every day with The President which would not be so unusual for a Secretary of State except for their activities. She watches sports with The President, exercises with him, and has even assembled jigsaw puzzles with him during her many weekends at Camp David. Can we know for sure? Of course not. But I can tell you this; I can't imagine Colin Powell or Vice President Dick Cheney assembling a jigsaw puzzle with The President. That's something you o­nly do with family. O­ne thing we know for sure. Condoleezza Rice is "at least" the second closest woman to our president.

Does this mean that the next President of the United States will be The Wife of a Former President?

We'd like to think so.

Go Condoleezza Rice!
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