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Love Poems & More: A Maiden's Footprints in the Sand

Posted by: Pastor_Don_Milton on Apr 25, 2005 - 10:56 PM
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Copyright Don Milton All Rights Reserved.
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A Maiden's Footprints in the Sand

A poet's words though many
And his descriptions grand
Cannot contain the message
Of a maiden's footprints in the sand
His English that of kings
And his pen as many swords
Before a maiden's love
Seem faint, somehow untoward
And when at last in o­ne attempt
To say what's in his heart
He gives a thrust with pen and soul
Yea, nearly comes apart
Now smitten sore and left undone
Knoweth he is just a man
Before the maiden's love
Before her footprints in the sand

Note: Pastor Don Milton is a poet, a writer, and more. You can look forward to many more poems being added to this website.

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A real man gives to his family and community while a wimp takes all for himself.

-- Pastor Don Milton --

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