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   Why are Americans Silent about the moral decay in America? That's what Christians from around the world are asking me. I receive so many emails from Christians in foreign lands asking why the United States has immorality unchecked by its so called Christians. Have you ever participated in a discussion with your pastor concerning the immorality in the United States? Has your pastor even been able to discuss morality entirely based o­n the Bible?
   Our current crisis is not helped by the fact that our pastors want to tickle our ears. Are you willing to confront your pastor and tell him that you want chastity taught straight from the Bible instead of conformed to western society?
   It's very hard for me to believe that many Christians in the United States are confronting their pastors. Churches continue to teach that a husband is the "servant leader" of his family with a hidden meaning for "servant leader." The hidden meaning is that a husband is not supposed to defend himself from the o­nslaught of attacks from the feminist left.
   If you treat your husband the way the feminist left would like you to treat him then it means that your relationship with him has suffered and your relationship with the Lord is not likely any better than your relationship with your husband. Are you willing to let your relationship with the Lord suffer just to hold o­n to false feminist ideals? When you treat your husband in a demanding way and without thanks you will also treat the Lord in a demanding way and without thanks. Television continues to create weak men as characters o­n whom tons of abuse are heaped such as the character in "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Please pray about what I've written here. It is time for Christians to take the Bible seriously and to question their leaders and their culture.

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Don't excuse unkind remarks by saying, "But it's true!"

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