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As my readers know, I was appalled that the President of the United States allowed his wife to make a lewd speech at a recent dinner for the press. I sent an email to three major ministries in the United States and you'll find a copy of my email to Doctor James Dobson of Focus o­n the Family as well as the response provided by Amy Campbell, his representative. Their reaction was to be "uncomfortable with some of her remarks." That was not my reaction to her lewd remarks as you know from my article about Laura Bush's lewd remarks. When you read Focus o­n the Famly's response, please note that they o­nly referred to her remarks, not "lewd" remarks and they o­nly referred to their reaction and not to the effects of her remarks o­n the office of the presidency. We must ask ourselves, has Focus o­n the Family gone so mainstream that it can o­nly respond hypocritically to Laura Bush's comments while lambasting any media personality who offends public decency? I would like to see them lambast both, wouldn't you? Below you'll find my email and their response.

Below is my Email that I sent to Focus o­n the Family

"To whom it may concern:

Please send me the official statement of Dr. Dobson and/or Focus o­n the Family concerning First "Lady" Laura Bush's lewd jokes at the recent correspondents' dinner.

The President allowed her to make that speech. This incident is o­ne of the most significant in the history of the United States; a First "Lady" talking like a slut.

Sincerely, Pastor Don Milton"

Below is the Response that I received from Focus o­n the Family

"Greetings, Pastor Milton, from Focus o­n the Family.

We appreciate your taking a moment to share your candid reaction to First Lady Laura Bush's comments at the White House Correspondents Association dinner, held on April 30, 2005. Like you, we were uncomfortable with some of her remarks. Nevertheless, Dr. Dobson and Focus o­n the Family won't be addressing this matter in the manner you had hoped. Given our current emphasis on such front-burner issues as abortion, judicial tyranny, same-sex marriage, and religious freedom, we don't feel discussions concerning the propriety of the First Lady's speech should be allowed to distract us from investing our efforts in these critical areas.

Thanks again for writing. May God's richest blessings be upon you in the coming days!

Amy Campbell
Focus on the Family"

The above response was from Focus o­n the Family. ChristianMarriage.com condemns in the strongest possible terms Laura Bush's comments. You can find our article on her comments by clicking the link below:


Note: Pastor Don Milton is aware that powerful men in the United States would like to cause a problem for him because of his candid approach to morality.

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