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President Bush selects Judge Samuel Alito for Supreme Court.

President Bush has once again moved himself back into the graces of the conservative right (that's us if you didn't know) with the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Judge Samuel Alito will soon be labeled a right wing conservative just as Judge John Roberts was but our prediction is that he also will easily receive sufficient votes to be the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. The tiny minds of the left wing Democrats that opposed Judge John Roberts will have the same problems in stopping Alito; their intellect will prove no match for the Judge.

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A wise old teacher with many wives was once asked to answer a question for the wife of one of his monogamous students. Believing he could stump the teacher, the monogamous student read his wife's question for the entire class to hear. "Is it not true, teacher, that your wives are always bickering with one another? And that they argue about which one shall prepare your dinner?" "That is absolutely true," said the wise teacher. Then he asked the student, "And who does your wife bicker with? And who does she argue with over who should prepare your dinner?" Penned by Pastor Don Milton Dec. 1998 or earlier.

-- Pastor Don Milton--

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