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Ethics In Practicing Your Faith
Big Love, the HBO hit show about a polygamous family is a big hit with women. Much like a Soap Opera, Big Love has grabbed women's attention. Forums about the show are filled with women. If the ratio of men to women outside those forums were the same then polygamy would indeed be part of our daily lives, and not just on the TV screen.

As for the show? I don't subscribe to HBO or any cable TV provider. It's important for Christians not to subscribe to cable providers that make their money from pushing R rated trash. That said, it's important when a show such as this catches the attention of the TV watching public that those of us who accept only what the Bible teaches on marriage share what we know about marriage with the newly curious and that we do so in a way that shows them we're serious about our faith and that our decisions are based on what we understand the bible to teach.

There is no reason that the big interest in Big Love can't give us ample opportunity to share the true Big Love of Jesus Christ and explain to others how it is our relationship with Jesus that determines our path in life. Let's take this opportunity to share the gospel and bring Christians back to the bible.

Note: Pastor Don Milton is author of The Prince of Sumba, First of its kind Christian Polygamy Romance Novel Copyright 1998

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Do not fear the false teachers with silver tongues for their mouths are always open and silver tarnishes when exposed.

-- Pastor Don Milton --

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